Limes Montessori

Naz Afzal

I am a dedicated Montessori Practitioner, with 7 years teaching experience. I have four of my own children and I facilitate child led learning 365 days a year. It seems the most natural way to parent and educate. I also enjoy working with redirecting energy, and keeping the environment positive at all times, even during conflict resolution. My personal journeys are connected to meditation, gardening, Reiki and learning about alternative non-conventional methods or lifestyles.

Montessori Sessions – please call in for more information

We are delighted to have Limes Montessori open.

We are starting off session 3 upwards on Wednesdays. These sessions entail presentations of the Literacy and Numeracy curriculum as well as stories of knowledge and understanding of the world. The practical life shelf continues to help children develop their fine motor skills. Our outdoor environment is geared towards allowing maximum freedom of movement, with the choice of lots of botany and zoology curriculum work. We generally focus on our journey upon taking the children into a Primary Montessori programme which is not currently available anywhere else in Milton Keynes. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we have chosen to operate a one week session for this group, coupled with take home boxes so that children may continue their Montessori learning at home.

Take-home Montessori Box

Many videos and guides exist on how to educate through Montessori philosophy, but I am proud to say we are the first to offer a bespoke loan service allowing a changeover of material fortnightly in accordance with child development. We currently offer this service coupled with our Wednesday session, however please feel free to call 01908 321 603 or email for more information.

Homeschool the Montessori way

Conventional education is not for all children, and therefore some parents choose to home-school. Montessori remains a top alternative to educating children. I offer families help in this field. If you have any questions about SEN and Montessori, or require some guidance on setting up your own Montessori room, or need any form of advice, please feel free to contact me by calling: 01908 321 603 or emailing: