We are a childminding service supporting all age ranges. We currently utilise the full range of Montessori Elementary equipment

Why Montessori?

Dr Maria Montessori developed her own set of materials to allow physical exploration for subjects which are often most commonly taught abstractly. We find this physical element engages a child into an active form of learning. After a child manipulates materials they move towards abstract subject areas with greater understanding and minimal anxiety.


The essential thing is to arouse such an interest that it engages the child’s whole personality

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Limes Montessori is set in The Limes, Bradwell Road, Bradville, the old home of Robert Wylie  in 1875, and the property bears his initials and this date still. Robert Wylie held office as a parish Councillor non-stop for 33 years, having started in public life for 20 years before that.  He was chairman of many local organisations including the School Board, the Conservative Association, the Good Samaritans, the Allotment Holders and, of course, the Parish Council.

It had been purchased by a Professor and his family in 1971, and the garden received a lot of landscaping and love from this family, at present it has a very unique passageway around the garden, with unique woodland, a pond, and vegetable patch.

The property has been acquired by Naz in 2017, and with the intention to keep up the outdoor environment, with addition of the outdoor classroom, and climbing frames, facilitating the much needed outdoors for all types of learning.

Naz Afzal

Montessori Directoress

LLB, MA, PGCE 11-19, Montessori Primary CPD 5-11, and MCI Montessori Diploma ages 0-7. After completing Masters in Human Rights, and giving birth to my eldest child in the same year I felt very much awakened to the rights of the child. As my family grew in size, it became apparent that I wanted an educational methodology which places the child at the centre. Although I have worked at conventional secondary schools, I have also retrained as a Montessori nursery and Primary teacher. At present, I home-educate my 9 and 7 year old. Moving forward I feel I would like to focus on SEN and Montessori methodology. I find it of particular interest that the Montessori Philosophy centres on Educating for Peace.