Nature offers us a sanctuary, a place where we can find peace and wonder. It is not limited by time or confined by walls, and even today we cannot control it completely. It is much larger and older than we are, and its rhythms resonate deep within us. Nature is where we are from and where we belong, and our survival is intricately linked to its existence. (Play the Forest School Way – Peter Houghton)

Botany and Zoology are parts of the Montessori Curriculum which is embedded within our daily learning at Limes Montessori.

We have a child led approach where we follow the interests of the child, and in this has led to several fabulous projects we have done in the past.

Please come in and discuss our Montessori Curriculum, and our attitude to utilising the outside space in order to promote the child’s relationship to nature. We firmly believe that this particular part of the curriculum can encourage and promote emotional wellbeing.